Blogger Bits: “Holidays Must Reads”

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I posted a Blogger Bits. School is keeping me veerrrrra busy.

But here I am, for a quick Blogger Bits before going back to study about abuse, murder and all those other fun matters.

I chose the following books quite liberally because they somehow feature one holiday of simply because I think they’d be perfect to cozy up to during a winter snowstorm and a mug full of hot chocolate.

A Trucker Christmas: A Romantic Short Story

This is a short story featuring the characters of Trucker and Dancer by Jamie Schlosser. After loving the first two books, I couldn’t not read this sweet short story. Plus, it’s for a good cause!

#Holiday (Hashtag, #6.5)

Christmas novella from one of my favorite authors. It features all the characters from the previous books and it was a nice addendum to the collection 🙂

A Very Grey Christmas (Kissing Eden, #3)

I got this novella from Netgalley eons ago when I first got on the platform. Of course newbie me didn’t even think about the possibility of it not being a standalone. So in the end I ended up reading the whole series, which is reeeeally good and strangely underrated.

Wallbanger (Cocktail, #1)

For me Wallbanger is a all-seasons kinda book. But what’s better than a hilarious comedy while huddled under a fuzzy blanket?

Frigid (Frigid, #1)

Holy moly, was this novella/novel sizzling hot. The atmosphere is perfect for a Christmas read and if you love the friends to lovers trope, then this book is for you. Plus, you can never go wrong with JL Armentrout. She’s a master in every genre. In this particular book, she also added a thrill element that had me edging on the chair.



So, these are my holydays picks! What are y’all reading this month? I’d love to know what’s your favorite holyday related books.

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Peace out,

  • Talia

5 thoughts on “Blogger Bits: “Holidays Must Reads”

    • taliaredhotink says:

      Frigid was my first book by Armentrout and I adored it too! I think the main characters also had a cammeo in Stay With Me by her. Anyway, thanks for the good wishes. Right now I’m typing the last paper of the season but it’s only two pages and about murder, so it’s kinda fun 🙂
      Oh, and about Wallbanger, I read it a loooong time ago and remember loving it. It’s the only one by Clayton that I can say I really really liked, even though I re-read bits of it a couple months ago and was a little bit let down because in my memories it was… better.


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