Release Blitz + Review: “Tales from Cushman Row” by Suanne Laqueur


Tales From Cushman Row

by Suanne Laqueur

Release Date: December 12, 2017


“Come here, you moron.”

For fans of the Venery series, author Suanne Laqueur offers a compendium of love scenes—unpublished chapters, character sketches and assorted reflections about Javier Landes and Steffen Finch. A treat to skim through, skip around and linger over at leisure. Like caviar.

For people who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they will like. Contains adults in adult situations using adult language and a f**k-ton of gratuitous boning. No socks required. Batteries sold separately.

“Why do I like when you call me a moron,” Jav said.

Stef smiled. “Because the moron in me recognizes the moron in you.”



CushRow Live2

My Review

All the stars in the multiverse!!!

When Suanne announced this novella made of extras and bonus scenes, I almost fainted. There is nothing better for a fan than to spend as much time as possible in the head of their favorite characters, especially when it is unexpected and you have already kind of said goodbye to the characters. Jav and Stef happen to be on my all-time-favorites so you can easily understand what a treat this was for me.

Fair warning: when I love a book, I get quoty. So this is me loving it and quoting it.

“Let me ask you something,” Stef said. “Did dates with you client feel like constructing one complete love story, start to finish, within the span of a few hours? Like you went in as a stranger, but acting like you were already crazy about her? Already the perfect boyfriend and she was the perfect woman, no matter you’d never met before?”
“Kind of,” Jav said slowly.
“So you packed the chase, the courtship, the amazing sex and happily ever after into four hours, then took the envelope, turned the page and headed into the next story.”

I literally devoured it.

Another thing that the author did not lie about was how much “boning” happened in this book. Some people now may be scrunching their nose. I? If I could read a 600 page book of just Finch and Jav and their happily ever after, boning and all, that book would already be on my shelf.

“So… are we friends with benefits?”
Stef crossed his arms. The doors of his heart had swung wide open, slamming back against his chest, and he needed that bit of barrier. “I’ve had fuck buddies,” he said. “This is different.”
“Because when I visualize my week and map out my time, I’m starting to prioritize when I’ll see you.”
Jav’s shoulders settled down. “Me too. You’re a factor in my plans. I’m past the point of thinking you’re a fun companion to do shit with. I’m starting to just want your time, and where we go or what we do is irrelevant.”
“Which means, possibly, we’re dating. Can you dig it?”
Jav smiled. “This is me digging it.”

I loved the behind the scenes, the domesticity of their relationships. In A Charm of Finches, we had already been given a good insight in their relationship, but the more the better is my motto when it comes to Laqueur’s books. I did not want this one to end. The late night chats, the different possibilities at the beginning of their relationship… it was like reliving their romance all over again on a speed forward made of hidden gems. The private moments. The quiet nights. The golden routine of a forever romance.

[Stef and Jav are making out with Roman nearby]
He followed Jav’s gaze to Roman, who sat on his haunches. Head tipped to the side and expression curious.
One wonders what you are doing master. May one participate as well?
“He’s so confused,” Jav said.
“I see the humans are mowing,” Sfef said pushing his hair back in place. “I also enjoy mowing.”

Also, I cherished Ari’s scenes and would have loved to see his friendship with Geno develop even in Finches. Although I’m super glad that the main focus was still on my beloved Jav.

I’ve never read of a character who deserved a happy ending like this guy. And he finally got his.

[When they are distant for a week because Stef has a conference]
“I seem to have gotten used to you, Landes,” he understated.
“Honestly, I thought I was going to enjoy the solitude,” Jav said. “Be an unwashed, unshaven hermit for a week, eating while standing over the sink. I keep looking for you. And Roman’s glaring at me all the time, like he thinks I buried you somewhere.”

Plus, do we want to talk about the hotness level of this novella? I loved what Laqueur said in the introduction, that she wrote and wrote about Stef and Jav at first to kind of get to know them, to tackle their relationship on a physical level, and for them to see who the other one would be in their lives. And am happy that Finch became the One for Jav, and not just a transitional person. There’s no one I’d rather pair with Jav than patient, collected, sweet Stef. Also, I loved how the author kept on writing after the end of the book because she could not yet part with the characters. That is love, too.

Where were you? How did I not know? How did I live so long not knowing where you were?
I was five when you were born. How did I ever live for five years without you existing somewhere in the world?

If you loved Venery, you are going to adore this. I mean, it’s more of Jav, and specifically more of Jav being happy. You need to read this even just for this reason. After all those pages loving him at his worst, you owe it to him to see how happiness looks on him. Spoiler: it looks amazing 😉

“Come here, you moron.” Stef slid arms around Jav’s waist and dug his chin to Jav’s shoulder.
“Why do I like when you call me a moron?”
“Because the moron in me recognizes the moron in you.”

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Author Bio


Suanne Laqueur

A former professional dancer and teacher, Suanne Laqueur went from choreographing music to choreographing words. Her work has been described as Therapy Fiction, Emotionally Intelligent Romance and Contemporary Train Wreck. Whatever you want to call it, her goal is to write stories that appeal to the passions of all readers, crossing gender, age and genre.

Suanne Laqueur’sAn Exaltation of Larks won the Grand Prize in the 2017 Writer’s Digest Book Awards. Her debut novel The Man I Love and its follow-up, Give Me Your Answer True, won gold medals in the 2015 and 2016 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards. Both were finalists in the 2015 and 2016 Kindle Book Awards, and Laqueur was named a gold medal Debut Author with Feathered Quill Book Reviews.

Laqueur graduated from Alfred University with a double major in dance and theater, and taught at the Carol Bierman School of Ballet Arts in Croton-on-Hudson for ten years. An avid reader, cook and gardener, she started her blog EatsReadsThinks in 2010. She lives in Westchester County, New York with her husband and two children. Visit her at All feels welcome. And she always has coffee.

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