Best books I read in 2017

I know, I’m late to the party. In the past few days I’ve watched all the other bloggers post their recap of the year, month, week, best of, worst of, funniest, hottest etc., and overall being good bloggers and instead I’ve been lazing out, wearing my three sweaters and two pair of socks while bundled up under the covers because my dorm’s heating system still hasn’t caught up with the fact that it’s freezing as balls and my skins isn’t a natural thermic blanket.

But now after a hot shower, I decided that I’m the kind of person who doesn’t care that 2017 is over and who will do the renegade thing, posting a Best Of at the beginning of the year (honestly, I’m quite sure this happened last year too. Ahahah)

First, my general thoughts of what happened to my reading in this past year.

  • In 2017 I’ve sadly read very few NA books, one genre that I used to love. I don’t want to say that I grew out of it because, ahem, that should be right up my alley, but somehow I have a tendency to pick up other books before them. And BTW, everyone’s blaming Disney for making them believe in Prince Charming and talking animals. I blame NA authors for making me believe, not in hot, sweet, thoughtful dudes infesting dorms’ hallways, but in all the amazing BFF relationships between the heroines and their roommates.
  • 2017 has been a year full of new authors. In the past I’d been almost religious about sticking to what I knew. Not in a bigoted way, but I’d been way more wary of who I brought home with me to be put on my nightstand, so to speak. This year instead I’ve focused more on recommendations from blogger friends, sometimes general hype, and blurbs to guide me in my choice of books. Which resulted in reading mostly authors new to me. On the one hand, I discovered some new absolute favorites, on the other hand it makes me sad when I think to some of my old favorite authors whose new releases didn’t find space in these 12 months with me. I think one of my goals for the future year would be to plan ahead what to read a little bit more, in order to balance better the new and old flames.

But now let’s get the show on the road. As usual, I’m not going to order the books because I loved them all for very different reasons and it would probably came out a wonky classification. So I’ll order them chronologically from the ones I read early on to the latest.

Also, while in previous years I could somehow see during the year which books stood out, this year my mind is a little foggy about that. Could be the whirlwind of moving, school starting again, or the fact hat I still haven’t had dinner and the cold is getting to me. I now can relate to Jack, slowly sinking into hypothermia. I feel you, buddy. Not pleasant at all.

Full Tilt (Full Tilt, #1) All In (Full Tilt, #2)

Emma Scott is one of the few authors who is officially allowed to break my heart. She does it so good. This story tore my insides and then showed them to me as if to say: ‘here, look what happened. Cry a little bit more.’ And so I cried. But, wonder of all wonders, “All In” actually made me feel better. It healed the brokenness of “Full Tilt”.


Good Boy (WAGs, #1) One of the funniest books of the year. Blake Riley is my favorite goofball on the planet and his relationship with J-Babe warmed my heart. This author combo delivers every single time, which is why…



Stay (WAGs, #2)

Za-zaaaan. Surprised, eh? Not one bit, I suppose. If possible I loved Stay even more than Good Boy, because it was even more romantic IMO, and more things threatened their relationships, while Good Boy was one happy ride, basically. I would have probably loved to see Blake having to face some kind of challenge or obstacle. So Stay was perfection from beginning to end. P.S.: how hot are these covers? So hot I couldn’t resist getting the paperback.


Room for You (Cranberry Inn, #1)


This book dispelled every stereotypical and judgemental thought I’d had before starting. I’d thought it was gonna be syrupy sweet and instead it was the perfect blend of everything I adore in romance. It also made me realize my ovaries may be telling me it’s time to nest or something because this man… with these kids. Hello, Felicia!


Royally Matched (Royally, #2)This book is probably in the top 3. I know I wasn’t supposed to pick favorites among the favorites, but I couldn’t find a fault in this. Henry, with his many faults, was perfect. And Sarah, with her bookworm ways, was impossible not to relate to. I devoured their romance and will probably re-read it again.


The Hot Shot (Game On, #4)Another great hit. This series is one of my favorite sports romance and I adore Callihan’s style, full of banter, but always reaching level of depths that surprise me. Chess and Finn have a special place in my heart and even though the very ending wasn’t of the most unpredictable, the road leading there was pretty amazing. I loved Chess’ maturity and Finn’s cocky and fun attitude.


UnstableI started this book hooked by a quote and at first I was like: “all right, things are proceeding a wee bit slower than predicted.” But somewhere along the pages, I just started enjoying the journey, falling for Keaton (surprisingly, since usually uber alpha males get my eyes rolling) and be fully surprised by the unexpected twist. LOVED THE TWIST!



TRUCKER (The Good Guys, #1)Another one from the top three. Y’all know how I like my book boyfriends: nice and thoughtful, caring and loving, doting and… well, sexy. C’mon. I’m only human here. And OMG, Travis was all of this and more. This book was unexpected. I knew I’d like it because all reviews were pointing toward things I appreciate, but the experience itself was one whirlwind of romance, sweetness, hotness (more than I expected) and a hero who I will never forget. It’s one of those low angst books that captures your heart.


Black Lies

BOOM. Mind blown. I could say more, but then I’d have to kill you.



Legally Ours (Spitfire, #3)I should have put all three books from the Spitfire trilogy because I effing love them all, but we have already stated that today I’m in a lazy mood. What I loved the most about this series is that it took a clichéd trope, and throttled the hell out of it to make a refreshing story with enough behind the scenes in the two MCs relationship, to feel as real as if the hero and heroine were breathing right beside me on the pages.


A Charm of Finches (Venery, #2)

Lol, I could already see a couple foreheads frowning wondering why ACoF hadn’t been mentioned yet. I’m not even going into explanations on why this book was amazing. If you read it, you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t read it, I’m sorry for you. Like… truly. Have a tissue.


Bad Idea (Bad Idea, Vol. 1)

This book is from the same author of the Spitfire trilogy, but this one has a very different atmosphere to it. I loved it to bits and I’m counting down the days and biting my nails while waiting for the sequel. And if Nicole will ever read this, Nico is mine. I don’t care you licked him first, or created him, or whatever. He’s the future father of my children, since apparently I’m suddenly nesting. And it’s your fault if now every time there’s a delivery, I wring my neck to check out the delivery man.


Lukas (Ashes & Embers, #3)And I guess now I found out who’s the third member of the top three for this year. I’m so glad I gave this series another chance. I loved Storm’s story, but it had been a bit too angsty for me and I didn’t even get close to Vandal’s with a ten foot pole, skipping him. But Lukas. Oh, Lukas, why are you fictional, Lukas…



Aaaaaand, here you have it. Out of the 90 somethin books I read this year, 16 were out of this world good. Not too shabby, honestly. I’d thought worse  since at first I couldn’t think of those I’d read in the first half.


I guess it’s kind of pointless to ask you for your best of 2017, but if some books from your list match mine, I’d like to know that so that we can fangirl together. So leave a comment if you like


11 thoughts on “Best books I read in 2017

  1. Beware Of The Reader says:

    So wich of this “I blame NA authors for making me believe, not in hot, sweet, thoughtful dudes infesting dorms’ hallways, but in all the amazing BFF relationships between the heroines and their roommates.” is wrong Talia?

    Second I’m so happy Lukas made it on yout top!

    Third: I had the same problem with some old favorite authors that I had no time to read 😦

    Fourth: thank you for the list as you gave me ideas.

    Above all else thank you for working with me as each time I have a blast! You are an extraordinary person Talia 😉


    • taliaredhotink says:

      Kind of both, since the fauna here is lacking… but mainly the roommate things. There is no way all characters in NA books are BFF with the people who breathe their same air, share the same bathroom/fridge/wardrobe/everything without ever getting on each other nerves’.

      Lukas soooo did make it to the tops. He was a different kind of hero. I love how communicative he was.

      And I know, right! Today I was looking for a new book to read after finishing the last one and was taken aback by the fact that I had had #Swag by Hebert sitting on my nightstand since October, in paperback, and still hadn’t picked it up. Like, what’s wrong with me? Nice to know it’s a shared issue.

      Finally, working with you was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to all future projects. I’ve already started sifting through some quotes… ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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