10 Authors I Want to Read More In 2018

As usual, I’m late to the party. Everyone’s been posting their new year’s resolutions and I didn’t catch up in time. But this morning I was browsing GR and a book by Mia Sheridan popped up on my feed. It made me realize that despite how much I loved “Archer’s Voice”, that was the only book I ever read by her.

I probably already said this in another post, but 2017 for me meant looots of new indie authors. While on the one hand I loved discovering new talents and some instant favorites, I also read many books that were just meh, sacrificing precious time I could have dedicated to books I knew I’d love. I don’t regret 2017, but I hope for 2018 to pick up some old flames and re-ignite the fire so to speak.

For me the writing style is more than 50 percent of the reason why I read a book. Sure, tropes are fun, original plots too. But the vision the author manages to create in the reader is what gets me every time. It’s their concept of love, their way of writing good dialogues, of making me laugh or squeezing my heart.

So I made a list of old favorite authors of mine by which I only read a few books or that I didn’t get to read in the past year, and that I wish to read more in the upcoming years.

1- Mia Sheridan. 

No surprise here, as the introduction should have clued you in.

2- Linda Kage

Her “Forbidden Men” series is one of my favorite NA series. Her stories are all so different one from another, and most of them are angstier than I would usually like, but the final result always leaves me breathless and craving for more. I already have two of the latest books on my kindle, so I’m quite sure I’ll get around to read them in the months to come. Especially since NA is a genre I want to go back to reading more.

3- Penelope Ward

“Neighbor Dearest” was in my top three in 2016. I loved the book, I bought the paperback and stare at it dreamily more than I care to admit. Still, I’ve always been reluctant to read “Step-brother Dearest” for no apparent reason whatsoever. Penelope is definitely on my MUST READ for this year.

4- Jeaniene Frost

I’m so ashamed of myself for not having read yet the four book of Vlad’s story. The Night Prince is one of my ABSO-ABSO-ABSOLUTE FAVORITES! And yet the fourth book came out almost 1 year ago and I still haven’t read it. I think part of me is afraid of seeing that series ending, but enough is enough.

Also I haven’t tackled her newer series because we all know that she can take a little bit to write her books, which is perfectly okay since the results is pure goodness, but the wait is still excruciating. Therefore, wanted to wait till the series was complete, but I might give it a go sooner than expected.

5 – JL Armentrout

This woman introduced me to NA. The “For You” series was my first NA series and I still remember the characters fondly. I stopped reading it after two of the newest books received lots of criticisms. Yet, she is so prolific I have no excuses for not having checked out her other books in so long. I think I’ll definitely try to read the “Wicked” series again, and some of her standalones…

6- Samantha Towle

The angst is strong in this one. In the past I was a proud member of the anti-angst squad. I simply couldn’t take it. Nowadays, even though I mostly enjoy less angsty read, I like to spice up my reading pattern with something that will wrench my gut. I love Towle’s writing style and how engaging her stories are, as well as how swoony her heroes are. I mean, this woman created The Jake Wethers!
I have one of her books on my kindle that came highly recommended, even though I can’t remember the title right now. So I already have some place to start, at least.

7- Elle Kennedy

This one is tricky, because I did read some Erin Watt in 2017 (her pen name when she’s writing with Jen Frederick), and I also devoured the books she wrote with Bowen, but what I slacked on is her sports romance series. I abandoned the Off Campus series before Tucker because everyone was hating on Sabrina. I didn’t want to ruin my image of that series, but I’m really curious about Tucker, and Kennedy is a master at sports romance so I might pick that one back.

8 – Suanne Laqueur

Now, I know that I read Finches and Cushman Row this year, but it’s been since I finished Larks that I’ve had the Fish Tales on my kindle. Since I’ve been spoilered something quite crucial, I’ve been reluctant to start this series, even though I know that despite what happens I will love it to bits. The Fish Takes are definitely another series on  my HAVE TO READ for 2018

9 – Sherrylin Kenyon

I know this is quite random. I read Kenyon in 2014 and loved her Dark Hunter series. For a while I thought I’d grown out of it, but then a couple months ago at the Strand there was one of her books on sale and I bought on a whim. What I love about her writing is how witty it is and how every character is so different from the others, yet still fitting perfectly in this amazing world she created. Yes, I think her universe is what I miss the most. Also, her books are quite light and fast reads. Enjoyable, quirky and fast-paced. After all the contemporary romances I’ve read in the past few years, a bit of paranormal action and adventures may be the thing that spices up my TBR at last.

10 – Kristen Callihan

In 2017 I read and adored The Hot Shot by her, but I also remember hoping to re-read Managed or Idol, things that did not happen. In 2017 I didn’t re-read anything at all, which I wouldn’t even worry that much about, but it actually makes me sad considering that I still think fondly of some of the books I read that year. I don’t want to make any resolution regarding re-reads because at this moment of my life I don’t even know how much time I’ll have to read, but I think it would be nice to pick up some of the oldie but goodies.


This were my NEED TO READ MORE Author Resolutions for 2018

Do you too have some authors you used to read a lot and love but that you stopped reading and would like to pick back up?

I’d be curious to know who they are, so leave a comment if you want!



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