IT’S LIVE! + Review: Born To Run (Counterpoints Novella) by Laura Rossi



Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: Counterpoints (Novella)

Author: Laura Rossi Author


Amazon Universal:


The bad boy of First Category Racing is back!

“Breaking the rules was my specialty. Some people like to be part of something, I wanted to be different from the rest. Always.”

What happens when you are asked to give up what you love? When you are forced to end your career?

Born to Run is about Noah Laurent, a secondary character in the Counterpoints series -a top race driver who is asked to leave his team at the end of the series.

Noah is cold blooded, brutally honest and just doesn’t care about anything and anyone. He’s made his way up the ladder all by himself. He’s well known for his outbursts with the press and in the boxes. But he’s also an ace, a top driver.

And just when he thinks he’s done fighting, he meets someone that will get him back on track…. literally.

Reading the Counterpoints series is not necessary but would help understand better the character.

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It is very rare for me to like a novella even more than the series, but I cannot deny how much I loved Noah’s story. It may have a little, or a lot, to do with his being imperfect. Sure, Christopher too had a couple skeletons in his closet, but here we’re not talking about Noah’s past or things he did, but rather about the man himself.

He is a self-proclaimed a-hole. He’s a man who doesn’t mince his words, speaks his mind in every situation, and doesn’t give two shits what others things of him.

What I loved about him is that I found him more mature in than in the series. Retiring from the MB has been a hard hit for him, and yet he landed on his feet… and some more. I liked his role as an instructor, the fact that he was tough but fair.

And then his relationship with Vera. It’s no surprised I liked those two together. They’re both talented racers, but underdogs. Tough on the outside, hot-tempered, but also vulnerable. They had and have to fight for their dreams and that is something I will never stop appreciating in characters.

Their relationship was special. I liked the build up, the slow burn, the fact that even though they were instructor and trainee, they were always on equal ground and they never really crossed the line into lewd territory. The author did an amazing job at creating the wonderful dynamics between them.

Even though it was a novella, this story had a complete arch. It read like a novel without unnecessary parts and I literally finished it in one sitting.

The only thing I was not 100% keen of, because of how I am, was the long-ish separation at a certain point. It’s one of my pet peeves. I understand it was needed for the story, but I just wanted to grab them like dolls and push them together saying: “Kiss!”. Lol, I so cannot handle angst and separation.

Aaaaaanyway. I truly loved it. The writing style gets better with every book in the series and even compared to Skins, another standalone from this author, I found this novella more mature, more… complete and on point. And also, well, I have a thing for assholes with a golden heart. Seeing Noah’s thaw day by day while training with Vera was endearing.

One last thing I was to say about it is that it felt empowering. Minor spoiler here, but Vera is a racer, the first woman racer in the category in which she dreams to race for. Her journey is not easy. It’s a bumpy ride and full of obstacles. I think all women can relate to the struggles of wading their way in a man’s world, when being taken seriously takes always double the effort, where gender equality is sometimes just a nice slogan.

Seeing her fight, sweat for her dream, and Noah support her and believe in her like no one had before… it left me a bit more hopeful.



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