Blogger Bits: “Hate to Love” Characters Version

Howdy, people of the internet! Today it’s the 30th so here we are with another Blogger Bits. Can I see those jazz hands?!

Now, if you don’t know what blogger bits is, it’s a bunch of bloggers discussing every two weeks topics of the book world.

Today’s topic is quite interesting. Let me dissect it for you. What we meant with Hate to Love Characters are those characters that we meant to hate for some reason, but we ended up loving.

Personally, even with my psych (“ologist”, not “ic”) background, I am a terrible judge of character. Seriously, the worst. So bad that I realized my first impression is usually the complete opposite of what the person is. Reassuring, truly.

In books things tend to be a bit easier, especially in romance novels, where people have “villain”, “jealous ex”, “love interest”, “asshole”, and “knigh int shining armor” written on their forehead usually already in the blurb.

Still, sometimes it happens that I start a book hell bent on hating a character and then I cannot stop myself from liking him or her.

So, here we go, with my list of: “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, ’cause I meant to hate you, but I love you maybe.”


Black Lies

I feel a bit repetitive since I mentioned this book also in my previous blogger bits, but hey, certain books deserve more than one mention. This was definitely a case of “yep, I’m so gonna have a hate field-trip with this woman” and insted at the end I was cheering for her like a mad person.




Good Boy (WAGs, #1)This is going to be a surprise for many of you. But here is the thing. In “Us”, Blakey was not my favorite person on Earth. He was too invasive, always interupting Wesmie time, and this fangirl was not gonna have it. I wanted to erase him from “Us” so that the boys could be together without him always being one step behind them. Then I read his book. And fell in love with his goofyness.




This Isn't Over, Baby (War & Peace, #3)Because… I mean… yeah, if you know anything about this series, you know who the immortal Gabe is… and who his love interest is.

Now, it’s not totally true that I got to love him, but I have to say that the fact I didn’t even throw the book to the wall once I got into is, is saying something. I definitely did not like the heroine, but I was prepared to hate Gabe a whole lot more.




Anything but Minor (Balls in Play, #1)I really hope this author will change the cover. The reason I “hated” the male character was mainly because of the cover, which is a completely stupid reason for not liking a character. So yeah, this cheesy: “omg, what is he packing behind the gloves” is not doing the book any favors.



The Girl I Was Before (Falling, #3)Ohhh this book. What a surprise it was! A very pleasant one. See, this is the third book in a series and in book 1 and 2, Paige was a certified bleach. Resentful, vindictive, boyfriend stealer… you name it, she was it. Then her book came around and she realized that that was not who she wanted to be. Know what? Her romance in the end was my favorite of the bunch. Her character achieved depths that I would have not deemed feasable, and yet a five stars it was!


Tamed (Tangled, #3)I know I’m gonna get some heat because of this, but I did not like Tangled. I found it slightly sexist. Hilarious in some parts, yes, but also quite offending. And predictable. Oh, so predictable.

Still, I thought, let’s give Tamed a chance. Mind you, I already had a pitchfork on my nightstand, ready to speark the main male chracter at the first hint of sexist remark, but insteda THIS hero was nice and respectful and overall a good guy who I ended up loving.


Here they are my: ooops, guess I don’t hate you after all.

One last addition would be: Damon Salvatore. I read the Vampire Diaries back in my teens and I started as a staunch “team Stefan” because let’s face it, Damon got into the story as one of the main villains. I did not like how he manipulated Elena into drinking his blood. So yeah, you could say I hated him. Then the books progressed and guess what, I was not at all happy when Elena woke up on the wrong side of the grave convinced that Damon was her one true love, just like this. Well, the author did an amazing job in deepening Damon’s character to the point that it was impossible for anyone to say he was not just meant to be with Elena. (I’m talking about the books, just to clarify).


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And if you wish, tell me who are the characters that you meant to hate but then fell hopelessly in love for?

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