Hello peeps, it’s been such a long time since I made a post of this kind, but lately I’ve been reading more than usual and I have to say that October has been probably the best month of this year reading-wise. I read five stars books, one after the other, literally devouring them. Since many of them were new releases, and I absolutely loved them, I want to spread the gooey feelings and fangirling squeals with all of ya!


So here are the books I read this month! Let me know if you read any of them or what you thought of them.


Discreet & Indiscreet by Nicole French

Discreet (Discreet, #1)   Indiscreet (Discreet, #2)








This books may be my new favorite books of the year, so already by saying that you should get a hint on how much I adored this reclusive actor and his Lily Pad, a former musician who is trying to find her way through life. These characters were so broken, yet so soulful and real, I did not want their story to end and clung to every single moment.

Be Mine by Jen Frederick

Be Mine

I read this books basically by chance since I have no idea how it happened on mi kindle. Having read previous things by the author, I dove in without reading the blurb and what a great read this turned out to be! Single mom and sport romance tropes that were treated in a modern way, with also a touch of suspense and enough angst to keep me hooked and wanting them to be together more than my next Snicker bar.

The Knocked Up Plan by Lauren Blakely

The Knocked up Plan

At first I picked this up just because it happened to be free on Amazon and though, “Oh, well, it’s on the TBR anyway”. Then I started reading and adored the mix of humor, romance and sweetness the author stirred in this book. I loved the male character and saw him as way more realistic than previous characters I’d read from this author. The heroine was cool, fun, and very determined. I dug her. I read this little nugget in one day, which is somethign that happens very rarily to me.

Subzero (BearPaw #4) by Cambria Hebert

Subzero (BearPaw Resort, #4)

I’ve been waiting for this book with bated breath because I’ve always wanted to see Alex fall head over heels for a girl and thaw a bit of his ice. This book was as adrenalinic and suspenseful as the others, swoony, sweet, super romantic, and Alex is as much of an uber protectice alpha as Liam was, so I was one happy fangirl. Even though I loved the trilogy just a lil bit more because of the deeper bond it managed to create between readers and characters, this book wasn’t missing anything and the fact that the two characters already knew each other allowed the author to start things in medias res, jumping straight into the action.

Royally Yours (Royally #4)

Royally Yours (Royally, #4)

My official review will come tomorrow, but I definitely wanted to add it to this list because it was probably the most anticipated book of the month for me. It didn’t disappoint for the most part. I had been unsure till the last minute who it would be about because I thought that in Royally Raised, also Henry’s daughter was called Lenora so I was unsure who it referred too. Anyway, it’s the one and only Queen Lenora here, that we see from her early years to adulthood, becoming a queen and finding her prince. In a nutshell, it was royally worth it.

Fall (VIP #3) by Kristen Callihan

Fall (VIP, #3)

First of all, the covers of this series are probably my favorite ever. I want to print them and use them as upholstery in my room.

Okay, now that the weirdness is over. I am currently still reading this so I debated whether to add it, but anyway I’m more than 70% in and loving the hell out of it. Seriously, John and Stella’s story is very emotional and one giant slow burn that will have every reader seething in their seats. I approached this book trying to curb my expectations because I knew of Jax, or rather, John’s past and feared it was going to be a very dark read. Instead, Callihan did a wonderful job of making us understand John’s struggles while at the same time making him possibly the most interesting and swoonworthy member of Kill John. Stella is a sweetheart and these two are that type of chemistry that goes beyond simple romance. Callihan truly managed to portray that feeling of loneliness many of us face every day and the elation and hesilaration of finding someone who makes the world a new place.


Now, onto future reads… or rather, one future read in particular.

It came out today and I half fainted when I saw the notification from Amazon. Since I’m a masochist I’ll probably take my sweet time to wait and read it, looking for the perfect moment to savor it. But anyway, without further ado, let me show you our new born in the publishing industry…

Shades of Wicked (Night Rebel, #1)

It’s heeeeeeereee! Also, on Goodreads it says “Night Rebel #1” which probably means there won’t be just one book!.

So yeah… after basically 7 years we got Ian’s book.

As Ian would say, bloody hell, people, was this month a good one!


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