Day #27 Blogmas: Best Ugly Cry

A little disclaimer: I don’t purposefully read books that I know will make me ugly cry. There have been a couple of cases over the years in which I read heartbreaking books cough cough Full Tilt cough cough and I still have not really gotten over some of those books. Since I know my limits and since reading for me is a peaceful and happy escape from a reality that often time is not as pretty, and given how I’m also not a sunshine and rainbows person anyway, I try to  stick to feelgood books or at least books in which I won’t be ugly crying. That being said, sometimes you get into a book that you think is going to be a walk in the park and instead something happens that makes you reach for the kleenexes. So these is the book that inadvertedly broke me.
– #Fate by Cambria Hebert.

51BKU0628QLThis book was featured a lot on my blog this month, because I feel like it’s just sooo good, but also it fits in many categories, this one being one of the bunch. There is something happening at the very beginning of this book that, especially after everything these characters (and other characters in the series) went through, made me ugly cry several times for a good portion of the book. Which is also why I recommend reading the novella #HEA right after #Fate, as it is an ulterior light-hearted an happy conclusion to this overall story.

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