New Release + ARC Review: The Fae King’s Curse by Jamie Schlosser

Title: The Fae King’s Curse 
Series: Between Dawn and Dusk 
Author: Jamie Schlosser
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Release Date: April 17, 2020

When I pulled Kirian from the icy waters of the creek behind my house, we were just twelve years old. As he looked in my direction with unseeing lavender eyes, I quickly realized our age was just about the only thing we had in common. He spoke with an accent, he had pointy ears, and he was so beautiful it made my heart ache. Oh, and he claimed to be a fae prince cursed by witches who stole his sight.

I thought he was crazy from hypothermia. Turns out, he wasn’t, and for some reason he keeps coming back. But a day in my world is a year in his. Every time I see him, he’s older. Wiser. Hotter.
Over the past six years, I’ve tried not to fall in love with him because the terms of the curse are clear: If he doesn’t wait for his fated mate in all ways, including an innocent (or not-so-innocent) kiss, he’ll be blind forever.
So when Kirian kisses me and pulls me through the portal to his realm, I make it my mission to do some damage control. It’d be a whole lot easier if he wasn’t determined to marry me… And if someone wasn’t trying to murder me every step of the way.
I was beyond excited to start this book because I loved Between Dawn and Dusk, which is the prequel. I found the world fantastic and the characters utterly likable, and the ending left me wanting to know more about Prince, and now King Kirian, which his cursed sight and his quest for his fated mate.
This book did not disappoint one bit. Lately I’ve been in a book slump and this story kept be glued to the pages. The main characters had amazing chemistry and I loved how their feelings grew over the course of years. The first section was a fantastic build up to their love story and it made it believable.
Quinn was a relatable character, human, flawed, insecure about her aspect, but also a kind and generous soul. She was a good match for Kirian, the strong ruler with a golden heart.
Plot wise, I liked how this story drew from the classical quest that I love so much in fantasy books. Their journey brought them through the Night Realm, in a trip that is a discovery for Quiss as well as the reader.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it had enough twists and turns to keep me interested and always wondering who was behind everything, and it had a great cast of characters. I loved Damon’s humor, Kirian’s grumpy possessiveness, Quinn’s affection for the gnomes and her kind heart, and the quirks of all the inhabitants of the Realms.
I’m looking forward to exploring more about this universe and cannot wait to read what Jamie Schlosser will write next. Also cuz my man Damon needs to find his fated mate. I can already tell his book will be hilarious and perfect just like this one.

“I love you, Kirian. I’m in love with you.” My eyes sting. Damn it. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. “Every day, when you come back to me, I’m terrified you’re going to tell me you found her—your mate. And it’s going to break my heart, because it’s not me. It’ll happen eventually, and I know when that time comes, I’ll never see you again. If you really care about me, you’ll leave right now and never come ba—”

Without warning, Kirian steps forward, cradles my face in his hands, and bends down. It seems like time is in slow motion as he comes closer.

I’m frozen in place when his breath ghosts across my mouth, right before his lips press to mine.

For a glorious second, all my dreams come true.

Kirian’s mouth is just as soft as I’d imagined it would be, and this isn’t just a single peck. His lips massage and nip at mine as he kisses me over and over again.


The curse.


Pushing at his chest, I separate from him with a gasp. “What did you do? Kirian, if you so much as kiss someone else…”

I don’t have to finish that sentence. He knows the terms of the curse just as well as I do.


He’ll never see again because he kissed me.

“Why?” I demand, panting. “Why would you do that?”

Gripping my shoulders, he leans down until we’re nose to nose. “Because I can live without my sight, but I cannot live without you.”

Jamie Schlosser writes steamy new adult romance and romantic comedy. When she isn’t creating perfect book boyfriends, she’s a stay-at-home mom to her two wonderful kids. She believes reading is a great escape, otters are the best animal, and nothing is more satisfying than a happily-ever-after ending.



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